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What is the best grass to use in Colorado lawns?

There is no single "best" grass species to recommend for planting in Colorado lawns. The best grass for an individual lawn is determined by considering such factors as quality expectations, anticipated level of use/traffic, willingness or ability to provide basic turf management needs (including adequate irrigation), water/soil quality issues (such as salinity), elevation, and budget - to name a few.

There is no grass that will work well in every Colorado lawn. In most lawn situations, there will be a number of grass species that could be used with success. In some lawn situations, there may be only 1 or 2 species that could be expected to perform well.

The following documents provide information on a number of different turf species that could be used in Colorado lawns. The one entitled "Turfgrass Species and Variety Selection Guidelines" covers the turf species most commonly used in Colorado lawns.

Individual species fact sheets are also included here, for those wishing more in-depth information on some of the different turf species.

All documents are in PDF format. Go here for Acrobat Reader (free download) if you don't already have it on your computer.

Turfgrass Species and Variety Selection Guidelines
Brief descriptions of the potential advantages and disadvantages of using the various turf species adapted to Colorado growing conditions; includes a listing of the best varieties of each species.

Kentucky Bluegrass for the Home Lawn
In-depth information on the selection of Kentucky bluegrass varieties, and the management of bluegrass lawns.

Hybrid (Kentucky X Texas) Bluegrass Lawns
What is "hybrid bluegrass" and how can it be used in lawns.

Fine Fescue Lawns
Information on the different types of fine fescue species and in which situations they are most effectively used.
Buffalograss Lawns
Information on the use of buffalograss for the home lawn, including the best varieties for use in Colorado.
Native Grass Lawns
How blue grama and wheatgrass can be used in lawns.

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Updated 16 April 2009